Mount International Provides

A smooth transition from Primary School to Secondary Education

A team of highly professional and dedicated teachers to inspire a lifelong love of learning and to stimulate intellectual curiosity; promote a culture of creativity; develop and nurture critical thinkers, problem solvers, decision makers, responsible risk takers and effective communicators.

A broad based, dynamic and balanced inquiry based curriculum where commitment to extracurricular activities is seen as equally important as academic achievement.

Challenging opportunities for learning, both in, and out of the classroom, creating self assured, focused, disciplined, well-balanced and enterprising young men and women, ready to take their place and to make their mark in modern society.

Traditional values such as courtesy, honesty, tolerance and mutual respect are taught in a structured, purposeful manner within the context of a friendly and homely international community.

Individual attention within small class sizes to maximize opportunities for a variety of teaching and learning styles.

An environment where close and effective partnerships between teachers, support staff and parents ensure that every child admitted will benefit from the education offered.

We offer a safe and nurturing community where diversity is celebrated and traditional values such as tolerance and mutual respect are practiced.

“You don’t have to be great to start. But you have to start to be great.”