About Us

MIS is a co-educational school under the flagship of Lala Megh Raj Educational Society, Ludhiana. It started with a dream of preparing young learners to be global citizens. It aims to create an ecosystem that celebrates and nurtures the potential within each child. Believing that every child is unique, the schooling system delivers curriculum that is pedagogically sound and innovative to create a 21st century generation.

MIS has Collaboration with CIQA- “Centre for International Qualifications and Assessment”.

CIQA, is a London based organization has entered in collaboration to introduce various UK and Finland based student and school improvement programmes and qualifications in the school.

The collaboration is to create an outstanding environment for MIS students, to explore new possibilities through their innovative ideas, developing scientific approach and sustainable environment and community building. To achieve higher expectations and preparing students for future, the CIQA will be training the teachers in support with University of Helsinki, Finland, which has been doing continuous research since 1640 on how education can be improved.

CIQA is focused on multi-dimensional approach of child learning and career building. Through our American High School Diploma, students will not only achieve qualification but will have access to 65000 colleges/universities for higher education across globe.

MIS is the first school in Ludhiana to introduce this new approach which is unique that focuses on Field Learning and Industrial Projects which will make their students out-shine, more-confident, practicing real-world challenges.

MIS students will become member of STEM Connecting Programme, which will enhance their skills on STEM.

The aim of the collaboration is to make school unique and developing best academic culture along with multiple career building measures for the students.


Every child is unique. Vision of Mount International School is to prepare young learners of what they are capable of through our school moto “Enhance Extend Empower”.

The students are enhanced to remain focused, goal oriented with positivity. The facilitators extend a supportive hand to empower the children to think, explore and create to reach their goal post.


Mount International School Ludhiana provides students, a happy, safe and secure environment to develop various life skills- empathy, sympathy, critical thinking, problem solving, decision making through holistic based curriculum that prepares the students to become global citizens.